More World Material: Panamax


More World Material: Panamax is a fictional encounter with chosen entities that contribute to the dense grid of the virtual world and its material counterpart; the geologic resources. Data and dirt. Surface and depth. - An account about the making and unmaking of the virtual, which aims towards the utilization, governance and sense making of the material bodies of the globe.

The soil of the globe is to the same amount impervious and impenetrable as a man made concrete slab. Even more so are the paved roads of the media grounds. There are no tools such as ground penetrating radars or steel shovels in order to dig into the clean floor of the virtual data cypher. The simulated image is glued so firmly underneath the screen window that it seems to be impossible to peel it of in order to reveal its backside. Presented are some succesfull and unsucessfull solutions of how to dip into the membrane.

Panamax from donwood bricks on Vimeo.


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