Presensor / Desensor


Shown at: OSLO10, Basel

with works on loan by Daniel Wolter & Florian Goldmann


The most precise reality is that which shields reality. The most precise sensor is the one which lets us know upfront - so we don’t need to know twice - that the impending calamity will unfold before our eyes in High Definition. Catastrophes to happen are profitable in the form of weather derivatives. “Catastrophe bonds” are but one reason why to employ climate scientist and mobilize all possible prediction tools at hand. Is the sensor not in need to be longer active - then the de-sensor is activated. The image of the world and the images of the world are that dent on the retina.

The hole is the ozone layer is but one such image; its vastness escapes easy capture except by simulation and data visualization and thus is only ever experienced as a localized “aesthetic effect”, a sunburn…(T. Morton).


PDF: hans-christian-dany

There are clearly a lot of sensors that attempt to get the whole picture. Sky, bricks, cars, owls, inuits, satellites, statistics, seismographs. This vast machine is unable to translate to us how civilization is going to end.

Not so much because the data it insufficient. Not because machines, humans and animals are dumbfound alike when confronted with such scales. But because the tools of appropriation for the monetization of an impending doom seem rather attractive.