Curiosity Vs Classification


Venues Presented: Seanaps Festival


Curiosity Vs Classification is an audio-essay that addresses formats of knowledge production that operate outside of generally recognized disciplines. A type of knowledge production which is non-disciplinary and in this regard semi-autonomous. Such uncategorizable, ambivalent, brittle, indiscernible forms, that allowed us to shortly think a mode of being that is to some extend separate from but still within this world.

The audio-essay can be accessed, downloaded and dispersed HERE.

1 - The Big Shelf
2 - Curiosity
3 - The Center For Land Use Interpretation
4 - DCTP (Alexander Kluge)
5 - Get Rid of Yourself

Text, concept, tones:
Trii Group

Leonie Nagel and
Max Stocklosa

Copy editing:
Lizzi Davis

Commissioned by:
Seanaps Festival 2020

Ernst Markus Stein