Human Absence

Various Materials to Concepts of Human or Biological Absence:

The Gray Goo Problem

For capitalism to sustain itself, to reproduce indefinitely, it needs to incrementally gobble up more and more. It must continually overturn any balanced cycles, as they can lead to stagnation and lost opportunities for growth. Extinctions are drawn to it like filaments to a magnet. The imperative to grow and the need for unrestricted license to devastate are two sides of the same coin—not only mutually dependent but structurally essential. Yet, however deplorable, growth and devastation can be aesthetically generative: they set us on a course toward imagining what the world will look like as it slides toward the inorganic.

By constantly invading and liquidating resource-rich contexts, capitalism encourages images that project what will inevitably be left in its wake: a dead world. And just as one can imagine (or see) patches of devastated and desolate land, a kind of localized post-extraction desertification, one can just as easily imagine this becoming a planetary condition: the globe as a rotating, dead lithosphere, coated in a fine dust of decomposing once-organic particles. Individual patches of dead world synthesized into a continuous crust.(...)
from: Notes on the Inorganic


Wall E

The Wild Blue Yonder


Containment Mounts / Perpetual Architecture


The Last Pictures / Paglen
International Dark Sky Association


The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

Die Evakuierung der Menschheit


The Interplanetary Confederation
Discover the Planets: Anzea, Deva, Endinite, Dollium, Ballium, Shunan, Brundage, Kallium and many more (and their leaders!)




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