Librarys and Archives from Below and Libraries and Archives that engage with Libraries and Archives

Libraries and Archives from Below:

Archive of GDR Opposition (adjacent to the Umweltbibliothek)


Agit (Berlin). Working with historical materials from left and social movements

Archive and library of social movements (Berlin)

A Library for old and new Berliners

CITTIPUNKT Library (Berlin)

Archive of Youth Culture

Anarchist Library

Archive and library of social movements (London)

Libraries and Archives on Libraries and Archives:

Dynamic Order at the Stiftung Sitterwerk (Library)

Nonlinear ordering with the Zettelkasten (by Niklas Luhmann)
Or an early analog data base

Philip Messner, Recherche & Archive
Blog of an Archivist


Library about publishing practice, recursive publicity & the investment into the opposite

Feminist Library

Archive that explores the relationship between cultural production and social movements